A new year; a new beginning

Our Head Of School, Dr Geoffrey Fisher, welcomes students, faculty and families to yet another exciting new year at B.D. Somani International School.

In his first vlog of the new academic year, Dr Geoff encourages everyone to learn from the challenges of the past two years and move forward with a renewed sense of engagement and joy in learning. He congratulates the students who received their IB Diplomas and commends the faculty for their expertise.

As B.D. Somani gears up for another year of experiential learning and student-centred exploration of knowledge and skills, Dr Geoff’s words are an inspiration to us all.

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The Year That Was: Looking Back With Dr Geoff

In his last vlog of 2022, our head of school Dr Geoffrey Fisher talks about an eventful and exciting 2022 at B.D. Somani! Despite the challenges of the pandemic, our school community has shown incredible resilience and adaptability.

Welcome to BDSIS MUNTRA 2022

Our young adults from Grade 11 visited the ‘Science Beyond Borders’ exhibition organized by Institut Français in collaboration with Consulat général de la France en Inde on 29th September. They learnt about the partnership between France and India: the exchanges between Indian mathematicians and French scholars that started from ancient times to the modern-day partnership in Nuclear Sciences. Interdisciplinary experiences such as these are crucial for the overall development of our students as IB learners.