Thank you for your interest in a B.D. Somani International School education for your child.

B.D. Somani International School uses a curriculum that engages children and their families in meaningful learning experiences informed by a range of globally proven successful approaches to learning. This progressive and constructivist approach, informed by recent educational research, enables teachers to fulfil their desire to provide every student with relevant, challenging and engaging experiences aimed at preparing them for a rapidly changing world which we cannot anticipate.

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We celebrate diversity at B.D. Somani because we firmly believe that that multiple perspectives and experiences are essential to nurture global citizens of the 21st century. Children from diverse backgrounds pool their experiences, their questions and their interests and teachers guide their inquiries into how the world works. Instead of filling children with facts, teachers facilitate the development of higher order thinking skills, which equip them to become lifelong independent learners.

Activities by students in the international middle school

On this page, our admissions process is explained and the most frequently asked questions about admissions are answered. You can also download our Information Guide.

You can also read about a day in the life of a Reception (3 year-olds) student and the Early Years program. You can also learn more about the educational journey throughout our school in our Primary School, Middle School, IGCSE  and IBD programs.

There are sometimes a few openings available in grade levels above the entry level of Reception. If you have an older child, please call the school to see if openings exist and you will be guided through the admissions process. Students are sometimes accepted during the school year.

Applications being received for Reception to Grade 3 right now.

Please fill out the online Application form
Once you have completed the form, please download, print and submit it along with the application fee per the instructions in the email you receive.
Once Management has reviewed applications, parents may be invited to tour the school. Management meets with prospective parents and the educational staff interact with prospective students.
If selected you will be informed via the Admission offer letter about the next steps.

Frequently asked questions

What are the fees at B.D. Somani?

A one-time, non-refundable Application Fee of ₹4,000 must be submitted to the school with the printed application form. The application process then begins but is not a guarantee of acceptance.

A one-time, non-refundable Admission Fee of ₹65,000 is payable when a student is granted acceptance to the school.

A one-time refundable Caution Fee of ₹25,000 is payable at the time of acceptance. This fee is refunded after adjustment for any sums owed when the student leaves or is withdrawn from the school.

Academic Fees are available on our FAQs page.

What are the other fees to consider?
Parents are required to meet annual expenses towards:
  1. Stationery fee for notebooks, textbooks and materials
  2. School lunch if chosen – Primary School only
  3. School bus transportation – required for students in Reception to Grade 7 who live outside local pin codes
  4. Some extended day field trips and all overnight trips
  5. MAP testing in Grades 3, 5 and 6, IGCSE and IB examinations
  6. Occasional additional purchases such as a musical instrument
What is the fee schedule?

On accepting admission to B. D. Somani International School, the academic fees for Semester 1 are to be paid in advance at the time stipulated in the Admission Offer Letter. Thereafter, academic fees are paid in October for Semester 2 and March for Semester 1 of the following year.

How do you accept payments?

All fees are to be paid in Indian rupees only, by way of a cheque or demand draft payable at Mumbai. School fees can also be paid online using credit or debit cards or net banking.

For Reception to Grade 5, payments are to be made in favour of ‘B.D. Somani International School – Primary’.

For Grades 6 – 12, payments are to be made in favour of ‘B.D. Somani International School’.

What is the age criteria for admissions?

Children applying to enter Reception must have their third birthday before July 1 of that year. Children applying for older grades are assessed by the school for correct class placement but usually, the same age requirement is followed.

Will my child have to wear a uniform?

Kindergarten to Grade 7 students have a school uniform which consists of a yellow shirt paired with blue shorts/skorts and regulation shoes. There is a PE uniform of track pants and a coloured House t-shirt. There is no uniform or dress code for Grades 8 – 12.