Author: School Staff

Digital Literacy- Embracing 21st Century Skills

At B.D. Somani, digital literacy is not simply about teaching students to use devices. It is about teaching students how to use devices correctly, along with essential skills, including searching effectively, protecting their private information, and understanding digital footprints

Reflections in CAS: Hamari Silai

Our Grade 11 student, Malvika Mehta, writes on the blog about our association with Hamari Silai, an NGO that helps underprivileged women on their path to financial independence.

StuCo – A world of opportunities

Meet our Primary Student Council for this year. The Student Council is one of the ways we build leadership capacity in our students, helping them learn the art of building and working within collaborative teams.

Moving Up The Literacy Ladder

A look at how our Early Years program helps children become confident communicators, readers and writers and the role primary caregivers play in laying this foundation.

Celebration of Marathi language in Grade 6

Our Grade 6 students decided to do something different during one of their Marathi language blocks in October to get acquainted with the diverse aspects of Maharashtrian culture.

Hindi Divas

A look at our Hindi Divas celebrations last month. A day filled with songs, poetry, and a whole lot of fun.