Community Service (CAS) at B.D. Somani

CAS encapsulates empathy, caring, perseverance & holistic growth. The structure of CAS is simple yet profound, creativity, activity & service as it stands for, our greatest accomplishment is creating strong bonds between students & community, between students & students, and students and teachers. Students’ vision and leadership contribute to a robust CAS program at BD Somani International School. We nudge students to unfold and expand, break the boundaries of confinements of their thoughts and do meaningful projects. Pedagogically, the huge plus is real-life learning. Students’ contribution to collaborative communication increases their morale and makes them more resilient. It is their curiosity & enthusiasm to make a difference that lays down the strong foundation for CAS at BD Somani International School.
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Reflections on Tree Plantation

The climate is changing and B.D. Somani students want to put their best foot forward to combat its dangers. The EMERALD sustainable foundation, CPRA, and MCGM Corporator, Ms. Harshita Narwekar, organised a tree plantation drive on the 5th of June 2022 – World Environment Day at CPRA Greens garden. Manshika and Lahar from Grade 11 and Mr. Siddhesh volunteered to highlight that small endeavours are the stepping stones to fighting against the environmental challenges we all face.

Art Reflections

Lo and behold! B.D. Somani grade 6 students put up a series of Greek mythological plays and art exhibits, inspired by their Greek history lessons. In the process, not only did they make their own props with reference to actual Greek artefacts, but they also tried their hand at making 3D jewellery. At B.D. Somani, a single lesson in a single subject is used to impart skills across fields and topics. Stay tuned for more!

“Mellontikos Technologia – The Future Technology,” May 2022

In May, we had our first Design and Technology exhibition at the D & T Lab called ‘Mellontikos Technologia – The Future Technology’. Our MS students displayed their work, and were wholeheartedly appreciated by parents and fifth graders who came to the exhibit. We look forward to hosting many such D & T exhibitions, showcasing our students’ exceptional talents, and boosting confidence in their innovative ideas.