Category: IGCSE Program

Reflections: Art Exhibition

Our Grade 12 students talk about their experience putting together and participating in our Visual Arts exhibition last month.

Surat Trip Experience

Reflections from our students on our recent Grade 11 field trip to Surat, our first in two years.

Reflections: Trip to Elephanta

Our Grade 8 and 9 students reflect about our recent field trip to Elephanta Caves, a welcome change from our online expeditions the past couple of years.

Trip through 100 years of History

A field trip to the museum turned into an exploration of history spanning 1000s of years and many different eras for our middle schoolers.

In Conversation with Grade 9

Our Grade 9 students recently put into practice their newly-learned skills of interviewing. Verbal and non-verbal language both figure in the final conversation.

Magazine de santé (Health Magazine)

Grade 9 students at B.D. Somani curated a magazine as a part of their study on “health”. Ms Manasvini helped the students to complete their work and create a full-fledged magazine. The magazine consisted of health tips on Covid advice, eating right, avoiding stress, puzzles, and other helpful information on healthy eating. Creating the magazine helped the students engage in some deep research, hone their writing skills in French and help them to learn working in a team.

Celebration of Marathi language in Grade 6

Our Grade 6 students decided to do something different during one of their Marathi language blocks in October to get acquainted with the diverse aspects of Maharashtrian culture.