Category: Middle School

Reflections: Art Exhibition

Our Grade 12 students talk about their experience putting together and participating in our Visual Arts exhibition last month.

Reflections: Trip to Elephanta

Our Grade 8 and 9 students reflect about our recent field trip to Elephanta Caves, a welcome change from our online expeditions the past couple of years.

Welcome to the Design Lab

A look at our Design Lab where students design, experiment, build and invent and further their understanding of science, art, and engineering.

Trip through 100 years of History

A field trip to the museum turned into an exploration of history spanning 1000s of years and many different eras for our middle schoolers.

You are a Reader

A look at a presentation our Grade 9 and 11 students made to celebrate World Book Day and help our Middle Schoolers learn to appreciate the art and pleasure of reading.

Unwinding after a long time…

Thanks to the vaccines and the front line workers, children are finally back to school. B. D. Somani reopened on 11th Feb 22’ after two long years of COVID induced lockdown with an Inter-house tournament. Sixth and seventh graders thoroughly enjoyed football and basketball games and munching at bake sales during breaks. The appetisers and the competitive scores made them forget homework and spend their day with food and fun.

Celebration of Marathi language in Grade 6

Our Grade 6 students decided to do something different during one of their Marathi language blocks in October to get acquainted with the diverse aspects of Maharashtrian culture.

What is Emotional Literacy?

Our Emotional Literacy team introduces you to our newly designed course on Emotional Literacy (EL) and the strategies that allow students to educate their minds and hearts and manage their emotions.