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On how the pandemic has accelerated the technological disruption of education

In his May vlog, our Head of School, Dr @Geoffrey Fisher, talks about how he’s looking forward to presenting diplomas to the Class of 2022 and attending school events in person. He shares his views on how the intersection of learning and technology in the post-pandemic world, even as it disrupts education as we know it today, will continue to enrich and augment the learning experience and what B.D. Somani is doing to ensure we’re ready for this shift.

Positive Language Goes A Long Way

On positive language and converting don’ts to dos and how our teachers use compassionate and honest language to foster trust and emotional wellbeing.

The Arts Programme

A look at our Primary School arts program that helps our students explore and express ideas, feelings and experiences.

A welcome return to community building at school

In his latest vlog, Our head of school, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher talks about the ever-increasing semblance of normalcy at school. Field trips, educational visits, athletic events… all are back in session.

Kheluya Vachuya Marathi Bhasha Shikuya

India is a diverse country with multiple languages and cultures. At B.D. Somani, we ensure the children are allowed to explore different languages, learn, and converse. A databank of well-researched stories and songs in Marathi created by our teachers help make it fun for the children to learn the sounds and spellings of different words.

Digital Literacy- Embracing 21st Century Skills

At B.D. Somani, digital literacy is not simply about teaching students to use devices. It is about teaching students how to use devices correctly, along with essential skills, including searching effectively, protecting their private information, and understanding digital footprints

StuCo – A world of opportunities

Meet our Primary Student Council for this year. The Student Council is one of the ways we build leadership capacity in our students, helping them learn the art of building and working within collaborative teams.

Wishing everyone a relaxing winter break

In this edition, Dr. Geoffrey talks about the joyous resumption of in-person schooling across grades and the success of our hybrid learning model while wishing all our students and the parent community a relaxing winter break.