Category: School life

Welcome to the Computer Science Lab

Computer science is not just about coding. And software. And hardware. And bits and bytes. As our Grade 9 students show here, it is also about music.

Reflection on IB Core Collaboration

Our Grade 11 students recently put together a showcase, highlighting the core aspects of an IBDP curriculum, including a TOK exhibition, a CAS showcase, and an EE Café.

Reflections: Art Exhibition

Our Grade 12 students talk about their experience putting together and participating in our Visual Arts exhibition last month.

Surat Trip Experience

Reflections from our students on our recent Grade 11 field trip to Surat, our first in two years.

On how the pandemic has accelerated the technological disruption of education

In his May vlog, our Head of School, Dr @Geoffrey Fisher, talks about how he’s looking forward to presenting diplomas to the Class of 2022 and attending school events in person. He shares his views on how the intersection of learning and technology in the post-pandemic world, even as it disrupts education as we know it today, will continue to enrich and augment the learning experience and what B.D. Somani is doing to ensure we’re ready for this shift.

Reflections: Trip to Elephanta

Our Grade 8 and 9 students reflect about our recent field trip to Elephanta Caves, a welcome change from our online expeditions the past couple of years.

Welcome to the Design Lab

A look at our Design Lab where students design, experiment, build and invent and further their understanding of science, art, and engineering.

Positive Language Goes A Long Way

On positive language and converting don’ts to dos and how our teachers use compassionate and honest language to foster trust and emotional wellbeing.

Trip through 100 years of History

A field trip to the museum turned into an exploration of history spanning 1000s of years and many different eras for our middle schoolers.