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On how the pandemic has accelerated the technological disruption of education

In his May vlog, our Head of School, Dr @Geoffrey Fisher, talks about how he’s looking forward to presenting diplomas to the Class of 2022 and attending school events in person. He shares his views on how the intersection of learning and technology in the post-pandemic world, even as it disrupts education as we know it today, will continue to enrich and augment the learning experience and what B.D. Somani is doing to ensure we’re ready for this shift.

A welcome return to community building at school

In his latest vlog, Our head of school, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher talks about the ever-increasing semblance of normalcy at school. Field trips, educational visits, athletic events… all are back in session.

CAS – Quarter 2 students’ testimony

Yoga poses, dance moves, skills specific to a few sports, and physical fitness as part of The CAS – Quarter 2 activities at B.D. Somani helped the team come out of their comfort zone, learn a new skill, and understand the importance of fitness during a pandemic. In addition, the activities helped break screen fatigue and share knowledge making it an extraordinary session of learning and fun.

Biznomics Club – Talk With Mr. Motilal Oswal

The Grade 11 students at B.D. Somani had organised a Zoom meeting with Mr Motilal Oswal, the chairman and managing director of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd, as a part of the Guest speaking series of the Biznomics Club. Mr Oswal gave a brief account of the repercussions of the Big C on the financial market and how businesses need to invest in their digital presence. The Q&A part at the end of the session helped students better understand the business world’s nitty-gritty from the expert himself!

Magazine de santé (Health Magazine)

Grade 9 students at B.D. Somani curated a magazine as a part of their study on “health”. Ms Manasvini helped the students to complete their work and create a full-fledged magazine. The magazine consisted of health tips on Covid advice, eating right, avoiding stress, puzzles, and other helpful information on healthy eating. Creating the magazine helped the students engage in some deep research, hone their writing skills in French and help them to learn working in a team.

Reflections in CAS: Hamari Silai

Our Grade 11 student, Malvika Mehta, writes on the blog about our association with Hamari Silai, an NGO that helps underprivileged women on their path to financial independence.

Wishing everyone a relaxing winter break

In this edition, Dr. Geoffrey talks about the joyous resumption of in-person schooling across grades and the success of our hybrid learning model while wishing all our students and the parent community a relaxing winter break.