Celebration of Marathi language in Grade 6

Students of Grade 6 (Section B and C) decided to do something different during the Marathi language block on 12th October. The main objective was to get students acquainted with components of Maharashtrian culture i.e. the traditional dress, the cuisine and getting them to converse in Marathi. We received an overwhelmingly good response from the students.

While they dressed in traditional attire, each student introduced oneself in Marathi and even shared the recipe of the Maharashtrian dish they prepared. They all joined their online classes wearing colorful traditional clothes. Girls wore sarees, suits with dupattas. Boys wore colorful kurtas, marked with tilak and turbans.

Students had prepared dishes such as misal pav, vada pav, puranpoli, modaks, papad, sabudana khichdi, kande pohe, etc. which was virtually shared and enjoyed by everyone. The celebration commenced with a game of Kahoot made by the children in Marathi. This was really the best part. There was giggling and prompting answers but we enjoyed it. As their teacher, I was pleasantly surprised by the abilities of our little ones to take such a stride of making games and then presenting it enthusiastically.

Ultimately, I could only say that we all happily learned a lot together.

धन्यवाद !

Krishh Sood about to devour his yummy sabudana vadas


Suvvir Mehra content with his kande-pohe


Jay Zaveri finishing his puranpoli 


Best dressed Kavya Ranka finishing her Misal pav


Maya Shetty smiling with her Shankarpali


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This post has been authored by our Marathi teacher, Ms.Hiteshri Sagvekar

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