Farewell Assembly – Spring 2021

The Senior Student Council organised a special assembly on the last day of school, before the Spring break, to bid farewell to the graduating class of 2021 and to wish luck to the grade 10 students, who will be moving into the IB Diploma Programme. It was a morning full of fond memories of our Class of 2021 and the journey of 10th graders through their IGCSE years. This was their last day of school and the perfect way for us to wrap up school and go into the much awaited Spring Break.

We started off the virtual assembly with our Head of School, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, and our Secondary School Principal, Dr. Colleen Boyett, addressing the students. They both stressed upon the exceptional unknown circumstances we, as a school, faced with the onset of the pandemic and the lockdown last year. A year of distance learning made huge demands on all of us and they both emphasised and commended the manner in which we, as a school community, have thrived even with the lack of physical interactions with our classmates and teachers.

We then moved onto an inspiring presentation from our CAS coordinator, Dr Anjana Prasad, who demonstrated the manner in which CAS at BD has grown exponentially stronger over the past few years, and how it has continued to flourish even as we pivoted to distance learning. She spoke fondly of the many instances where the seniors went over and above, to demonstrate the spirit of creativity, activity and service at our school.

Unquestionably the most emotional and tear-inducing part of our assembly were the videos with which we bid goodbye to our seniors and the 10th graders.

In the video, all the 10th Graders were given awards to applaud them for the major impact that they have made in our school community over the past few years. Each and every one of them will be remembered at BD Somani in their own unique way.

The farewell video for the Class of 2021 was our way of capturing some of their precious memories at school. We know this wasn’t an ideal way to spend their last year at school, and while some integral parts of the ‘senior year experience’ at BD were missed out on, we hope the videos were able to refresh some of the amazing memories they’ve had during their time at BD and as a class. We’re sure that hearing some words of inspiration from teachers that have taught them for years is something that they will cherish forever. We wish the best of luck to both the 10th and 12th graders, and know that the Class of 2021 will be deeply missed! The assembly was concluded by Ms Shagun giving a vote of thanks to the student council and the teacher incharge, for taking out the time and thoughtfully planning a special assembly to mark this important day. She congratulated the student council for the fantastic videos that they put together and for making the last day of school for the Seniors a special one.

This post has been authored by The Senior Student Council.

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