IB 2021 Results : Reflections by Dr.Rupesh Salgaonkar and the University Guidance team.

The year 2020-21 will be remembered in history because of the global pandemic. At BDSIS it will also be remembered for the IB 2021 results. We scaled new heights by reaching the average score of 36.30 out of 45.

Our graduating batch of 2021 was undoubtedly one of the best and all of us were expecting excellent results as we were drawing close to the end of Year 1. However, the pandemic suddenly forced everyone to shift to online schooling. The urgent actions that were thought to be temporary continued for the entire year.

Initially we prepared for the end of second semester and adopted Project Based Learning as a way of assessment. The requirements for the final outcome helped in combining independent research skills with conceptual understanding of our students. Three months later when we realised the uncertainty of returning to normal physical learning, our senior leadership planned and supported a ‘new distance normal’ learning process. The training sessions on virtual learning with Florida Virtual School and subscription to various online learning platforms like, Kognity, Mcgraw Hill-Virtual Labs, In thinking, Linguascope, helped all of us to prepare, implement and take actionable steps to continue with an effective approach to teaching and learning with our students. The authenticity of the assessment practices and tasks was applied by subscribing to the online assessment platform Exam.net. With these new supporting tools in place, the new academic year felt different but very soon students also became comfortable with the new style. While the tools kept the momentum going, there were some challenges too. We focussed on the positives and controlled the controllables.

Today we are very proud that we could successfully finish the entire school year remotely.

We missed the beautiful moments of fun-filled learning on campus and more importantly social connections with in-person experiences, but when we look back this year has also taught each one of us the value of grit and resilience. We are very happy to see how our students overcome every challenge that they faced during this online learning setup. We are grateful too, that the same challenges provided our students with an opportunity to prepare themselves to push harder and go ahead with setting higher goals for themselves. We are thankful to our parent body for supporting us at every step in this journey.

Our university guidance team ensured that each student received end to end support. Initially in a way of being patient and comforting students with the anxiety of online learning and the crucial year ahead to supporting college applications. They ensured that every students’ aspiration was best matched with the university and courses they desired. Our graduating batch of 73 students received 359 offers spread across 9 countries along with the total scholarship offer of USD 2,957,811.

We are very proud of our students’ achievements in a wide range of pursuits, from academic achievements, university placements, to various independent social projects to help those who needed them most in these difficult times.

Congratulations and all the best to our Graduating Batch and heartfelt thank you to every stakeholder of BDSIS for their support and cooperation!

This post has been co-authored by our IB Diploma Coordinator, Dr. Rupesh Solgaonkar, and our University Guidance Counsellors team – Ms Manju Sharma and Ms Meenakshi Mattoo.

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