Minal Gala

Principal, Primary School

A nurturing and aware educator for a decade at B.D. Primary Ms Minal, in her first year as the Principal of Primary School, facilitated the smooth transition of young learners to continue their learning in various forms, both online and back to school. Ms Minal and her team of experienced and fantastic educators curated engaging learning experiences inclusive of literacy, numeracy, the arts and physical education for students during the transitory phase.

Equipped with a Master of Elementary Education from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences and a Certificate in School Management and Leadership, an online offering of HBS and HGSE, Ms Minal considers herself an educator-learner. 

Ms Minal believes school systems should prepare students for the unknown – a world beyond school, to find solutions to known and unknown problems, should be trust and relationship-based, should focus on learning and learners’ empowerment, and evolve with changing times. Besides working for students, she is interested in teacher development as teachers are the backbone of the education system. Partnering with teacher-training colleges and providing future teachers an opportunity to see a different form of education and teaching-learning, she believes, may ignite a change, though small, in the Indian education landscape.

An ardent traveller who loves to explore the world, and every nook and corner of India, she does not miss an opportunity to visit different schools during her travels. She enjoys listening to thought leaders and educators who have adopted innovative practices.

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