A note from Ms Minal

Ours is a nurturing environment, incorporating internationally recognised highly effective practices and pedagogies, where children thrive because they are given agency over their own learning.

Ms Minal Gala

Principal, Primary School

From the Primary Principal
The ongoing pandemic has clearly highlighted the significant role Primary School plays in the social, emotional, ethical as well as cognitive, physical and creative development of children. B.D. Somani International School has known for years about the importance of caring and trust-based relationships in children’s learning. The strong trust-based relationship between the different members of the school community – students, teachers, parents, staff, and administrators helped us successfully transition to virtual schooling and back to physical schooling.
Our holistic approach to learning is based on contemporary instructional strategies and philosophies – concept-based inquiry learning, integrated learning, progressive philosophy, learner centred approach to name a few. ‘Glocal’ in thought and practice, we have intentionally and carefully designed our curriculum considering the context of our learners and families.
Our students are encouraged and guided to design and meet ambitious goals through meaningful learning engagements in an environment that takes joy in doing things that are not easy. The teaching-learning process challenges students to ask questions, investigate and explore, build their critical thinking, people and social skills and achieve a deeper and nuanced understanding of various concepts and content.
Our learners are empowered to raise questions, challenge set patterns, voice their thoughts, engage in collaborative and constructive discourse and debates, and embark on their learning journey. With the zest for exploration and an insatiable curiosity to make sense of the physical and social world around them, our primary students are equipped with the necessary tool-set, an attitude of care, and confidence as they are ready to move on their life-long journey of learning wherever their experiences take them.
We look forward to welcoming you to our learning environment to experience and view the various spaces where learning comes alive.