A note from Dr Colleen

Our vision is for every student to achieve their own personal best, and to graduate with the IB diploma

Dr Colleen Boyett

Principal, Secondary School

From its founding, B.D. Somani International School established the strong academic structure upon which we are proud to continue to build today. We are delighted to offer a world-class curriculum in an environment that is academically rigorous, but also respects and values the needs of students, and their unique paths and goals. Every decision we make is student-centred, which means that parents and students can rest assured that our practices are intentional, inclusive, and reflective of evidence-based research in education. Our classrooms are safe spaces for curious minds, where students are taught to be critical thinkers but are also encouraged to assume the responsibility of being conscientious and productive members of the global community. This results in transformative thinking and the ability of our graduates to adapt to the dynamic changes awaiting them in their future lives and careers.

As a school, we continually emphasize the articulation of our curriculum across our many programs and departments, working together as a unified school to shepherd our students through a seamless academic experience. We appreciate the confidence that our parents have placed in us and welcome inquiries from all stakeholders in our school community.