Reflections: Art Exhibition

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The Visual Arts Exhibition is the most awaited and exciting part of the IB curriculum. This is an opportunity for the Grade 12 students to showcase their fabulous artworks which they worked on over the course of two years. For IBDP Visual Arts, it is a necessity to have a common theme around which all the artworks revolve, as well as the use of different mediums; hence, under the guidance of our teacher – Ms. Zeba, the IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition 2022, was a successful showcase of all the pieces, which included the artists – Saisha Uttamchandani, Raina Khalid, Rhea Tanna (grade 12) and Aarya Kamat (grade 11). It was an incredible opportunity to be able to put up our respective artworks and receive feedback from the audience. A lot of work and effort went into the creating of all the pieces, reflecting on them, and finally getting them ready and putting them up for the exhibition. Going back, I remember brainstorming for each and every piece I have done so far, and the process that follows; and the exhibition was completely worth it. As growing artists, we need to nurture ourselves around creativity and critical review well; therefore, the critique part of the exhibition was very helpful too. All the art students spent the entire day, from the 5th of April to – the 8th of April, in the exhibition hall, welcoming all the audience who visited as well as walking them through all the artwork panels. Receiving reactions, feedback in the register too, and observing people connect to our art, was the best part of the entire exhibition which really fascinated me. A painting stands out for you more if it's either visually appealing or the concept or theme gets embedded into your heart. Making a person feel through your art, makes you a successful artist. Getting such wonderful exposure to showcase your own works at this level, was once in a lifetime and I will always be grateful for the opportunity provided to me.

Aarya Kamat, Grade 11

The art exhibition perfectly displays the artistic process and talent we are taught over the years. I have a great passion for art and I marveled at all the great work surrounding me. It made me reflect on what I have done so far and become excited for the years ahead. The exhibition was truly inspirational. Each piece had an important message to convey and was executed beautifully. The artwork depicted many issues in today's day including self-love, an obsession with the internet, the need to change the way you look, and many more. The artistic journey we go through from Middle school to IB helps us grow our creativity and make sure our big ideas come out perfectly on canvas. It helps us express ourselves and make an impact on people. In middle school, we get to learn how to use different mediums and techniques to create different kinds of artwork such as; portraits, landscapes, still-life, interpretation, etc. Middle school helps us be well-rounded and able to do all kinds of art. It lays the perfect framework for us to be able to create more complex pieces in IGCSE and IB. The IB pieces filled me with inspiration and ideas. I can't wait to create more meaningful pieces and more detailed work.

Riya Gupta, Grade 8B
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