Reflections in Indo-French Exhibition: Science beyond borders

The exhibition was very enriching and interesting. There were so many new, interesting things we learned about the history of India and France. I think the highlight of this tour was its chronology of events. We saw examples of partnership starting from the ancient era till the modern world.

The Science Beyond Borders exhibition highlights the joint French-Indian scientific history. This exhibit included a wide range of topics, including mathematics, engineering, medicine, and visual analytics. In the 1930s, French mathematician André Weil helped reform the mathematics programme at Aligarh Muslim University. Furthermore, the French National Railways provided technical advice and consulting when the Indian Railways adopted an electrification standard in the 1950s. Nicolas l'Empéreur, a French botanist, collaborated with Orissan traditional practitioners and artists to record medicinal plants; this work constitutes to one of the biggest pharmacological research of the Indian subcontinent.

Satyendra Nath Bose, a theoretical physicist and mathematician who spoke perfect French, established an X-ray crystallography facility at the University of Calcutta after meeting Maurice and Louis de Broglie there while working on X-ray crystallography at the Radium Institute in Paris. He also valued his time with Sylvain Lévi, a French indologist, and traveled to meet Marie Curie to collaborate with her, but unfortunately was unable to fulfill her demands. French pilot Henri Picquet, who operated the Blériot in Allahabad as early as 1910, was the first person to fly across India. A year later, in a French Humber-Sommer, he also conducted the first-ever official airmail mission from Allahabad to Naini. Dr. Homi Bhabha, who established India's nuclear energy programme, collaborated closely with Frédéric Joliot-Curie, the CEA's then-Chairman, and in 1951 set the groundwork for the study and development of beryllium-moderated reactors.

We are glad We got to experience this amazing exhibition telling me some interesting facts about France and India.

- Mihika Jain and Chinmay Gupta from Grade 11 French Ab Initio
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