Reflections on the year gone by

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In his last vlog of the year, our Head of School, Dr Geoffrey Fisher reflects on the bittersweet emotions the end of every academic year bring, the highlights of the year gone by and a ‘back to school’ memory that he will treasure forever.

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A new year; a new beginning

Our Head Of School, Dr Geoffrey Fisher, welcomes students, faculty and families to yet another exciting new year at B.D. Somani International School. In his first vlog of the new

Kindergarten at B.D. Somani

At the beginning of their Junior Kindergarten year, students at B.D. Somani are prepared to use their communication abilities to interact in an atmosphere that emphasises inquiry, asking questions and

Reception: Where learning begins

Reception at B.D. Somani is your child’s gateway into the wonderful world of learning through questions and creativity. Our curriculum is designed to place their curiosities at the centre, and we strive to provide a welcoming environment that fosters inquisitiveness, discipline and community bonding.