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Building leadership capacity in students has been listed as one of the essential 21st century skills. Leadership at B.D. Somani International School is all about influencing and directing learners so that they can work towards achieving their shared goals.With this in the hindsight, our Primary School students are provided opportunities to experience leadership during their schooling, to learn the art of building and working within collaborative teams.Our Primary Student Council -an association of ten students – is an outstanding example of leadership in action with students who work together and help the school community.
Due to the virtual platform this year, the school decided to have a Student Council in the online setting. As this was the first time, the Student Council would be active online, before putting the plan into action, many hurdles needed to be overcome.  The idea of having an online Student Council excited the students to participate. Students and teachers brainstormed about the various roles and responsibilities. Students had to write an application to their teachers with the post they wanted to be and why they were the right match. Students reflected on their skills and qualities as they got ready to turn in their applications. Students had an individual call with their teachers and the teachers, in turn, shared their observations. The students contested and prepared for different posts. The Student Council elections were spread over two days- the first for President and Vice President’s election. And the second, for the House Captains and Events Coordinators for each of the houses. Students from grades 4 and 5 voted for the candidates contesting for each of the posts.
Students waited anxiously as the results were announced and a brand new Student Council team was ready to take the charge. Our new Student Council members include- President – Amyra Mirpuri Vice President – Veer Khuslani House Captain – NaishaBhimrajka, UdayanDeorah, Ayaan Mehta and Zaan Sethna House Events Coordinator – Anaya Shah, Siya Jhunjhunwala, Aanya Bhartiya and Anika Bhimrajka.
The newly elected student council members are guided by their teacher mentor Ms. Priyanka and our Primary School Leadership, Ms. Minal & Ms. Priya. Together, they work as a team and churn in new ideas to help support the school community. This team meets twice a month to plan for the upcoming events, planning and conducting assemblies and sharing any concerns or challenges as they arise.


The purpose of the Student Council is to help our school community in any and every way possible. Even though the school is on an online platform the StuCo continues to try and make this school and this newfound system a better one. The StuCo can be of much help in the near future. They can help sort out whatever problems their fellow students face. If students don’t feel comfortable sharing their problems with their teachers, StuCo is there for them. They don’t just make school life easy for their fellow students but the whole school community.
In StuCo, there are different roles. The President and Vice President help anybody in the school or lead any events. There are four house captains, one for each house. They lead their houses during events like Sports Day. They make sure that their houses are working together as a team. These captains help members in their house primarily but also any StuCo member or any other person in the school. Last but not least there are four event coordinators, one each for Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, and Kites. These specific members help organize events and major activities that are happening or will happen in the future. Of course, all members also help plan these events.


The Student Council vocalizes BD Somani’s primary students’ ideas. Everyone has a vision of what they want to achieve and become, what they want to do for the school, or help in it, and so does the Student Council. They share their ideas for the welfare of the school and the school community. The student council helps to build the school spirit and bring together the community. Online school has been hard for every student. As a team, the Student Council wants to contribute to the development of the school and achieve various goals. Their vision is to make students feel comfortable and accepted in the school. They understand the dilemma of the student and want to help them as much as they can. StuCo members are a helping hand to the teachers too


The StuCo has successfully organized Children’s Day activities, their first big event, for students of Grade 1 to Grade 5. Their future plans include creating office hours to help students with their homework, to resolve various challenges faced by students, and help make the school a better place.
Overall, the student council is there to help students, teachers, and everybody in the school community. Anyone can come to them for help and they will be there to help them. Encouraging our StuCo members to consider the team’s success as their own, is a powerful way not just to build leadership capacity but also to promoting their social emotional learning.
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