Children’s Day at B.D. Somani

Children's Day at School, 2017

Today is November 14, Pandit Nehru’s birthday. Children’s Day is celebrated nationwide in honour of Pandit Nehru, the first prime minister of India. He believed that children are the future of our country and the nation’s greatest wealth.

At B.D. Somani International School, Primary, Children’s Day is a day of fun and games and many activities. Our teachers ideate, plan and organise the day. Our Primary School Student Council also helps organise one of the activities. Each activity is about 40 minutes – some age-specific, others open to mixed age groups.

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Our students from Grades 1 – 5 can choose from a wide variety of offerings in music, contemporary dance, treasure hunts, cooking, art, painting, DIY (craft, masks, soap, dream catchers, stained glass,), clay modelling, board games, blocks. Students shortlist 12 activities in advance from a set of twenty-one and, subject to availability, they participate in eight. Different areas of the school are set up as activity stations and once the children decide on their schedules, they move independently from one activity to their next.

Our younger students in Reception and the Kindergarten grades participate in teacher-led activities, and they choose from art, indoor and outdoor games, block printing and cooking.

The whole school is a riot of young people expressing their creativity. Here are some of the things they said about their day so far.

It is very interesting, and the activity is challenging.
KK, 4A

It is a lot of fun, and I like going for different activities and learning new things.
MS, 3A

It is fun, and I enjoy all the activities that the teachers plan for us. I prefer this more than fun fair.
VK, 4B

It is different from others, and it has new activities every year.
DP, 5C

I appreciate that the school hasn’t given us a holiday because right now I know my friend is sitting at home and getting bored, while I’m doing an interesting activity and will be doing other interesting activities throughout the day. I look forward to it as it is a day full of fun and at home, you normally don’t do these things.
RM, 4A

I feel Children’s Day is going well and it is fantastic to be here today. All the teachers have put in so much effort into making this the best Children’s Day for us. Thank You, Teachers!
RA, 5A

I am feeling happy and excited because of different activities in different classes.
AM, 1A

I like Children’s Day. It makes me happy as I am doing fun activities.
SK, 1B

It’s different from my former school because there we just had a holiday. It’s really fun here, we are doing interesting activities. Children’s Day should be celebrated this way every time.
SG, 2B

It’s a lot of funnnnnnnnnnn!
NP, 4A

We love it because it is so much fun. We like doing lots of activities planned by the teachers.
A Kindergarten student

We like Children’s Day. We are painting our T-shirts. We are doing lots of activities.
A Junior K student

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