International Day: November 13th, 2019

International Day is a student-led event and this year our Grade 11 World Language students, under the guidance of their teachers, organised and delivered all the activities including cultural quizzes, World Language workshops where Mandarin, Sinhalese, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, as well as French, Spanish and Hindi were taught by Grade 11 to their juniors. Students also interacted with Grade 3 children and taught them some French and Hindi for a short session.

Students discovered how we are all connected through Art by exploring the similarities between different folk art forms. The World Cinema workshops helped students understand cultural diversity and the importance of having an open mind. Thanks to Our FIFA matches and fundraising food stalls (food items were prepared by our students from Grades 8-11), we raised funds for the Oscar Under-17 UK tour.

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Here are some reactions from our students to the International Day celebrations.

The day helped me to showcase my Spanish skills through a movie workshop. During the workshop, we showed a Spanish movie on the migrant crisis and then had a discussion on the movie with the other 11th graders. The day really showcased open mindedness and helped me develop as an ‘international student’
Raghav Ruia, Grade 11

For one of my activities I got to teach some of my juniors French and introduced a book called Le Petit Prince, by St Exupéry. I really enjoyed this activity as I learnt about French culture and I even got to interact with my juniors. This activity enhanced my French speaking skills as we practiced and worked hard to put a lesson together. Days like International Day help us come together and share our knowledge about our different cultures and beliefs
Khushi Dossa, Grade 11

International day was an immersive experience for everyone involved. My group and I taught 6th and 7th graders one of the best French classics Le Petit Prince. We used a variety of activities like singing and narrations to display the beauty of the language and culture. I really hope to enjoy the festivities next year too
Aadiv Dhakad, Grade 11

This event helped progress the IB aim of making us world citizens, and we all felt a more global sense of cultural identity after the event
Yohan Khan, Grade 11

I was lucky enough to be handed a class that was really interested in learning Sinhalese. This made it easier for me to teach and I really had a lot of fun teaching the subject as well
Gayathma Pereira, Grade 11

I think the most impactful thing I took from this experience was putting myself in the shoes of a teacher – a difficult task to endure calmly. This experience also helped me appreciate art from different cultures and realize their importance as universal languages. Finally, this improved my planning and collaboration as we had to come up with an extensive plan that could be applied to grades 6 through 9
Rony Chowdhry & Naqiya Suterwala, Grade 11

I liked the language workshops and the karaoke. We learnt new things and new songs. The objective of the day was to celebrate languages of all around the world and respect every single language and country
Anya Kapadia, Grade 6

I liked the FIFA matches because I love playing football. I even liked the Tamil lesson because I was enjoying a lot speaking it. I learnt many things on International Day
Krishika Khadse, Grade 6

The best part was the Football matches and I learnt a few words in Marathi too. The French movie was also great
Stavia Goradia, Grade 9

It helped me as I leaned more words in Hindi and I think if we could do two languages in the day, it would be fun
Sahaani Mehta, Grade 6

I really liked the Art workshop and enjoyed learning a new language
Krishna Bubna, Grade 6

I learnt Sinhalese so hopefully when I go to Sri Lanka I would be able to speak and I will not have problems
Samarth Kabra, Grade 6

The house quiz and the FIFA matches were the highlights of the day
Aanshi Choksi, Grade 8

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