Welcome to BDSIS MUNTRA 2022

This year’s Mun in 3 words would an action-packed success! We had intellectually stimulating debates in all our committees and saw our delegates handle and resolve crises in the most productive manner, and while it was beyond hectic for the organising committee it was all 100% worth it. Right from the introduction of a historic committee to a constant crisis committee, we were beyond thrilled to see how the event shaped up, and the BD MUNTRA couldn’t have captured it all in a better way!

Memories from BDMUN Conference 2022

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The Year That Was: Looking Back With Dr Geoff

In his last vlog of 2022, our head of school Dr Geoffrey Fisher talks about an eventful and exciting 2022 at B.D. Somani! Despite the challenges of the pandemic, our school community has shown incredible resilience and adaptability.

Reflections in Indo-French Exhibition: Science beyond borders

Our young adults from Grade 11 visited the ‘Science Beyond Borders’ exhibition organized by Institut Français in collaboration with Consulat général de la France en Inde on 29th September. They learnt about the partnership between France and India: the exchanges between Indian mathematicians and French scholars that started from ancient times to the modern-day partnership in Nuclear Sciences. Interdisciplinary experiences such as these are crucial for the overall development of our students as IB learners.