Zentangle – Grade 7 Artwork

Zentangle is an American method for drawing, which not only promotes concentration and creativity but also increases personal well-being. This was a recent art assignment completed by grade 7 students with tremendous enthusiasm. Students were encouraged to come up with shapes as outlines and created the first draft. Post which they worked on creating patterns and filled up the shapes.

Here are a few reflections by students with their artworks

I understood that Zentangling is to relax your mind. At first, I was going to do a design related to a box but I thought that it would be really hard. So I then divided the paper into triangles and made designs in each triangle. The center was filled with circles and I wrote Y in the middle. It was hard to think of designs after the third or fourth triangle. Before when I was talking about my old artwork related to a box I was going to try drawing an illusion of how everything is being pulled to the center. But that was difficult. For me I didn’t do much planning, I just did whatever came to my mind.
Yuvika Munjani

Doing Zentangle was a fun experience. The references given were also very helpful and they helped us come up with different ideas for our art. What was great about this exercise was that we were given the freedom to create whatever we wanted as long as it included a zentangle which I found was extremely helpful and also made the assignment a lot more fun. The overall experience was extremely relaxing. I would definitely want to repeat it in the future!
Yuvika Arya

A very relaxing process however a great outcome is one line to describe Zentangles. Not only does it let your creativity flow onto the paper but also lets you express your emotions throughout the different shapes and colours. At first, I didn’t really have a plan at the beginning, I only knew I had to include my name. Once I started working, I came up with different patterns that I see daily around my house, in the garden, and outside. Not thinking or planning about what comes next in the artwork felt very nice and was a change from the other artworks that we usually do. It was one kind of therapy for me! It all seemed effortless for it was so much fun to create.
Sara Hulyalkar 7C

We start by watching a video giving us a brief about Zentangling, and work our way into making a book cover for our art books with designs and all sorts of patterns. My idea was to use my name as blocks and draw people doing activities everywhere to symbolize our life. Resources and tools like these can help us adapt easily to changes like lockdown online schooling and being away from friends- from my personal experience. I am extremely elated with my final work as the process of making the zentangle expanded my creativity and brought me to a mindful state therefore the quality and effort I put into my artwork was better than usual. This was an exceptionally purposeful and pleasurable task.
Yashvi Minawala

A few samples of Zentangles drawings:

Nishka Mirpuri


Kyra Agarwal


Sarrah Arsiwalla


Shloka Patel

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